Buick luxury sedan design sketch would make a great flagship

Why keep foisting crossovers at us if this exists?

Buick design concept
  • Buick design concept
  • Buick design concept
  • Buick sedan concept sketch 02
  • GM sedan concept sketch
  • Buick sedan concept sketch 03

Over the Thanksgiving holiday General Motors posted a sketch of a futuristic Buick sedan to social media. In fact, the sleek wedge is just the latest in a series of illustrations that seem to point the way to a luxury EV coming in 2024 (for model year 2025). That's when Buick has promised its first fully-electric vehicle, with the promise that the entire lineup will be gasoline free.

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The sketch shows a low, long sedan that seems to be inspired (or perhaps served as the inspiration for) the Buick Wildcat concept revealed in June. However, there are significant differences as well. The sketch shows a profile that's more cab backward than the Wildcat's, with a gently sloping roofline that's more Audi A7 than the physical car's aggressive Nissan GT-R-like top. 

The front end is less busy than the Wildcat's as well, with the chrome better integrated into the fascia and headlights. Similar brightwork appears on the rocker panels and on the fenders behind the wheel arches, cues the Wildcat concept lacks. Buick's updated logo sits at the end of a sporty BMW-esque trough on the hood. Of course, the exaggerated wheels have such little clearance they wouldn't really be able move or turn, much less survive a pothole, but we can forgive that artistic liberty.

Other recent sketches shown on the GM Design account on Instagram show a more refined version of the same sedan, but without the Wildcat's Honda CR-V-esque taillights. Another super-luxurious coupe with hints of Syd Mead looks just as beautiful but is unbranded and may work better as a Cadillac.

The Buick brand feels a bit redundant these days, but stunning designs like these could help differentiate the brand. The General has plenty of trucks and SUVs already. If it's going to foist crossover after crossover at us, maybe the Buick division could stand out as the sedan-and-coupe-only brand.

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