South Dakota

South Dakota


The United States acquired South Dakota’s 78 thousand square miles as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. It was more thoroughly explored by Lewis and Clark in the years from 1804-1806. The whole state is bisected by the Missouri River, and the terrain is mostly badlands, plains, and farmland. The only real elevation to speak of in South Dakota are the Black Hills, the highest group of mountains east of the Rockies. This is where the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt were carved at Mount Rushmore, and serves as a large tourist attraction. Durable goods manufacturing and private services lead the state’s economy. The state is the second largest producer of sunflower seed oil in the US. South Dakota could be a great place to start a small business without investing a lot of startup capital.

Industry Stats

  • There are 669 agricultural and food scientists in South Dakota.

  • South Dakota couples spent an average of $384 on their wedding cake in 2015.

  • There are more truck drivers than cashiers and more nurses than truck drivers in South Dakota.

  • Although farming is a major part of the state’s economy, there are more people working in banking than on farms in this state.

  • In South Dakota, $347,000 was spent on flower petals for weddings last year.

  • There is only one dentist for every 57 patients in South Dakota.

South Dakota is a great state in which to start a small business due to its cheap land and low taxes. It is possible to create a startup or expand in this area with relatively low capital and low maintenance costs.

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