Ohio was acquired by the United States from Great Britain after the Revolutionary War in 1783. However, the land saw continued fighting throughout the 1790s with the Native Americans inhabiting the region. The state itself gets its name from the Ohio River. Ohio means "Great River" in Iroquois, the most prominent tribe of the area. Today, Ohio is one of the nation’s industrial leaders, ranking third nationwide in manufacturing. Its majors cities are all powerhouse production centers. Akron produces vast quantities of rubber, Canton is know for roller bearings, Cincinnati for jet engines, and so on. Tourism is another important part of Ohio’s income. Major attractions include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Indian burial grounds, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ohio is a good place to start a small business for those looking to network and build a loyal community following.

Industry Stats

  • There are a staggering 348,590 people in the restaurant and food service business in Ohio, which is about half the population of the state of Vermont.

  • Couples spent a total of $94 million on their wedding photographer last year.

  • In this state, there are more people working in motor vehicle manufacturing than there are police officers, firemen, and janitors combined.

  • More people work in public safety than real estate in Ohio.

  • Couples spent an average of $103 on postage for their weddings in 2015.

  • There are only 25,997 automotive service technicians and mechanics for Ohio’s 6.3 million registered vehicles. That’s over 240 cars for every mechanic to service.

One of the greatest reasons to start a small business in Ohio is its incredible network of community support. As a fledgling business, it is incredibly easy to attract and maintain Ohio customers and build a steady network. Combined with manageable taxes and an emergent tech industry, small businesses in Ohio have the room to truly excel.

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