Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies and the site of the famous Plymouth Colony, settled by Pilgrims seeking religious freedom in the 1600s. The state was pivotal in establishing independence for the colonies from Great Britain, starting with the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Massachusetts was also the state that started the American Revolution when Minutemen battled British troops at Lexington and Concord in 1775. Massachusetts pioneered the manufacturing of textiles and shoes. Today, the state’s economy is more focused on electronics and communications equipment. It produces the second most cranberries in the US and has a booming tourism industry because of Cape Cod’s beaches and the beautiful Berkshire mountains. Massachusetts was also the first state to legalize gay marriage. The state is a good place for small businesses due to its healthy economic environment.

Industry Stats

  • Massachusetts has more medical scientists than real estate brokers and more people who work in the florist industry than labor unions.

  • Out of the 37,778 weddings held in 2015, 35,889 of them spent an average of $54 on manicure and pedicure services.

  • About as many people work in car dealerships as drug stores in this state.

  • Almost 70,000 people work in computer systems design in Massachusetts.

  • Couples in Massachusetts spent over $73 million on wedding photographers last year.

  • More people work in hospitals than the food service industry in this state.

Massachusetts is a great place for small businesses due to its ongoing economic growth, strong education system that supplies a competent workforce, and a thriving tech industry. The New England area is a booming market with great community support for small businesses.

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