Louisiana has had an intricate history since its colonization and is known for having diverse populations of multicultural and multilingual communities. It was originally a French crown colony in 1731 but was later ceded to Spain in 1763 after the French and Indian Wars. The territory was regained in 1800 by Napoleon, who sold the 828,000 square miles three years later to the United States. The southernmost tip of this land became the state known as Louisiana in 1812. Today, New Orleans is a major Southern tourism destination due to its strong culture and annual Mardi Gras celebration. Areas of the state are also becoming popular filming locations for TV and movie producers, and Louisiana has already adopted the nickname "Hollywood South." Louisiana is a forerunner in natural gas, salt, petroleum, and sulfur. It also has a strong manufacturing industry, and it produces chemicals, processed food, petroleum, and coal. Louisiana is a good place for small businesses looking to start up around a vibrant culture and history.

Industry Stats

  • Louisiana has more ship and boat captains than it does firefighters.

  • Couples in Louisiana spent an average of $394 on their wedding cake last year.

  • This state has more people working support activities for mining than grocery stores and car dealers combined.

  • 5,616 people hired a full service wedding planner for an average of $2,835 in 2015.

  • Louisiana has more nursing home health aids than janitors.

  • This state only has one dentist for every 52 people.

Louisiana is a good place to start a small business due to its friendly zoning regulations, favorable licensing, and strong networking programs. It also has access to big Southern markets such as Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans.

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