Kentucky is known as "The Bluegrass State" due to the bluegrass that can be found among much of its extensive pasture region. The state is also home to Mammoth Caves, the world's longest cave system and the longest length of navigable waterways and streams in the Lower 48. One of its major cities Louisville is home to the famous Kentucky Derby. The state itself has some of the best horses, tobacco, and whiskey in America. Kentucky is one of only four states designated as a commonwealth. The land was originally part of Virginia but became a state in its own right in 1792. In addition to horse-racing, Kentucky’s economy is run by agricultural products such as wheat, soybeans, and corn. Kentucky is a great pick for small business owners who want to take part in the growing economy.

Industry Stats

  • Kentucky only has 5,267 plumbers for its 1.7 million households. That’s 322 houses for every plumber to service.

  • Couples in Kentucky spent more on engagement announcements than they did on hair and makeup services for their weddings.

  • More people work in nursing care facilities than in banking in this state.

  • Over 55,000 people work in the motor vehicle and equipment manufacturing business in Kentucky.

  • This state spent over $650 million on weddings last year.

  • More people teach in elementary and middle schools than work in retail in Kentucky.

With its well-known horse farm and racing industry, Kentucky is home to some of the best mid sized metro areas for small business owners. Kentucky has been improving its policies in recent years to help small business owners thrive within its borders.

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