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Stellantis to halt production at Melfi, Italy, car plant in April, union says

Jeep Renegade, Compass, Fiat 500X built there; one line could shut down for good

Fiat's 500 battery EV to start at $23,550 in Italy after incentives

Italian EV buyers get a further 4,000-euro discount if they scrap an old car

Fiat Chrysler's new electric 500 will have an entry price of 19,900 euros ($23,550), including a 6,000-euro incentive offered by Italy's government, a senior executive from the Italian-American automaker said on Thursday. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) will start selling a full range of the electric version (BEV) of its popular city car this weekend, after officially unveiling it and offering it in two premium configurations earlier this year. Olivier Francois, head of the Fiat brand and FCA's

Italy reportedly guarantees $7.1 billion loan to Fiat Chrysler

American and soon to be French ties added some controversy

Italy has approved a decree offering state guarantees for a 6.3-billion euro (£5.7 billion) loan to Fiat Chrysler's (FCA) Italian unit, a source said, paving the way for the largest crisis loan to a European carmaker. The source said Italy's audit court had signed off on the decree, in a final step of what had been a lengthy and contested process to get the loan approved. FCA's Italian division has tapped Rome's COVID-19 emergency financing schemes to secure a state-backed, three-yea

Air pollution clears in northern Italy after coronavirus lockdown, satellite shows

China showed a marked reduction, too

Air pollution over northern Italy fell after the government introduced a nationwide lockdown to combat coronavirus, satellite imagery showed on Friday, in a new example of the pandemic's potential impact on emissions. China, where the outbreak started, showed a marked reduction in pollution after the government imposed travel bans and quarantines, and the data from Italy, which was hit hard several weeks later, suggested a similar pattern. The European Space Agency (ESA) said it had observed a

Rome bans all diesel vehicles to combat rising smog

Oil companies accused the city council of overreacting

Rome banned all diesel vehicles from its roads for the first time on Tuesday to try to combat rising pollution, with numerous other cities in central and northern Italy also imposing curbs to cut harmful emissions. Rome city council banned diesel cars, vans and motorbikes during peak hours on Tuesday, with the worst polluting vehicles barred from the streets from dawn to dusk. Some areas of Rome have exceeded that level - above which air quality is considered a potential health hazard - in 10

Italians buy more bikes than cars for the first time since WWII

In the midst of economic turmoil in Europe, more Italians are turning to bikes as their preferred mode of transportation. Such is the bicycle's popularity in Italy that purchases of the pedal-powered two wheelers have eclipsed automobile sales for the first time since World War II.

Report: Next Chrysler Sebring to be built in Italy?

If ever there was a model in the Chrysler line up that needs updating, it's the Sebring. While the car was a perfectly capable competitor when it debuted way back in 1995, subsequent generations have left it as nothing more than rental-fleet fodder. But if a report from Automotive News is to be believed, that may change significantly when the next iteration of the sedan debuts in 2

Rumormill: Ducati/Piaggio merger in the works?

Could it be true? The rumormill is running overtime with reports of a potential merger between a pair of our favorite two-wheeled giants: Ducati and Piaggio.

Rumormill: Ferrari 599 GTO? EVO says 700-hp bruiser is on the way

Ferrari 599XX - click above for hi-res image gallery

Alfa Romeo introduces LPG-powered MiTo

2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo Imola - Click for complete gallery

Outraged Italian police set to crush fake Ferrari

Right up front, we must state that there is a very high likelihood that the following is not entirely true. With that said, here's the skinny on what we think we know: Thanks to local copyright laws, cops in Ostuni, Italy have reportedly confiscated a Toyota MR2 cut to look an awful lot like a Ferrari 355 Berlinetta. And they intend to crush it.

What would a modern Fiat pickup look like? One designer has a theory...

Fiat Sentiero pickup concept - click image above for high-res gallery

Fiat to assemble 500 in Mexico, build engines in Michigan?

Fiat 500 Abarth - click above image for high-res gallery

Tuscany Health orders up 100 electric cars

Tuscany Health is putting its money where its heart is and has ordered up 100 battery-operated vehicles with an eye to eventually replacing most of the 3,000 units in its traditionally-fueled fleet. Thought to be the largest order of its kind (so far) by a health care company in Europe, its expected that the costs over the life of the vehicle will be lower due to lower maintenance, fuel and insurance charges. The models, which were chosen by President of the Regional Health Board Fabio Roggiolan

Stylish new Italian pedal powered rickshaws

In many parts of the world cities are filled rickshaws of multiple varieties taking passengers from one place to another. Traditionally rickshaws were pulled by young lads trying to earn a buck. But with the advent of the motor scooter, many rickshaws became motorized, with small noisy polluting two-stroke engines providing the motive force. Quieter, cleaner

Alfa Romeo 159 new Italian "Pantera"

Many precincts in the U.S. are ecstatic over their new Dodge Charger police cruisers, but Italian police are just as pleased to replace their fleet of Fiat Mareas with the new Alfa 159. Police cruisers in Italy are called Panteras, which means "Panther" in English, and the crime-fighting Pantera patrols the boot with a bulletproof windshield and windows, separated passenger compartment and remote-controll