Ford recalls 2021-2022 Broncos due to rearview camera issues

Off-roaders may have noticed something weird going on

Is there a car left in the market that hasn't been recalled due to issues with the infotainment system? Ford has become the latest, and unfortunately for the Blue Oval, it's the flagship Bronco causing consternation again. Its 2021-2022 models equipped with the 8-inch display have apparently demonstrated issues with the rearview camera feed properly disengaging, running afoul of federal requirements. 

Haven't experienced any problems with your rearview camera? Well, maybe it's because you're not using your Bronco properly. Per Ford, the issue only rears its head when the Bronco is being operated in four-wheel-dive low (4-Low). Apparently, the rearview camera can remain stuck on even after the Bronco is put back into a forward gear. Ford says it's a software issue, and one that can be addressed via an over-the-air (OTA) update. 

"The remedy for this program is a SYNC module software update which properly configures the SYNC system for vehicle usage in 4-Low mode and corrects this issue," Ford's defect report to NHTSA said. "Ford will utilize Ford Power-Up (Over-The-Air) deployment to update the SYNC module software for affected vehicles. Alternatively, owners will have the option to take their vehicle to a Ford or Lincoln dealer to complete the software update. There will be no charge for this service."

Owners will be notified starting in December; if your Bronco is already set up for OTA updates, the fix should be seamless. 

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