Genesis reveals X Convertible concept in the L.A. sun

It's the third X, so you know it's hot

Genesis X Convertible Concept
  • Genesis X Convertible Concept
  • Image Credit: Zac Palmer
  • Genesis X Convertible Concept
  • Genesis X Convertible Concept
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  • Genesis X convertible12
  • Genesis X convertible 1
  • Genesis X convertible16
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  • Genesis X convertible9
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  • Genesis X convertible9
  • Genesis X convertible9
  • Genesis X convertible9

Genesis completed its X concept trilogy with the introduction of the X Convertible concept Tuesday in L.A., taking advantage of the gorgeous Southern California weather to show off the droptop version of the grand tourer we saw in 2021 and the "Speedium" shooting brake that was teased earlier this year. What better venue for the introduction of a futuristic convertible concept than Los Angeles? Even better, Genesis took to the open air to introduce its new drop-top, eschewing the stuffy show floor in favor of a beautiful beachside sunset.

"Genesis started life by producing sedans mainly targeting business users. While creating a new, differentiated design DNA, we gradually increased the emotional appeal by applying this DNA to the SUV typology. Now, electric powertrains have given us the perfect scenario in which to enjoy nature, and propelled the brand to create vehicles with even greater emotional resonance," said brand Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke.

All of elements that made the X Speedium Coupe so captivating are repeated here — with the bonus drama of a missing roof, of course. In fact, with the top down, the X Convertible might even be more of a looker than the hardtop. The coupe's wrap-around interior treatment carries over too. Though it loses a bit of its intimacy with the open-top treatment, it still looks pretty darned inviting. There's even a steering wheel. How about that?

As for whether Genesis will build any of these concepts, well, that remains to be seen. The company has yet to give us an idea of what might power these low-slung styling exercises, but the smart money is on a battery-electric powertrain lifted from the corporate portfolio which, as of 2023, will include the 576 horsepower Kia EV6 GT. We're certain it would be quick and likely worth the wait, but will it be worth the weight? The all-electric performance car space remains pretty small for a reason. We'd love to see that change. 

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