Indiana became the 19th US state in 1816 and is well known for the Indianapolis 500 and Wyandotte Caves. The land was originally designated as a division of the frontier territories. Indiana was the portion for the Native Americans, which is how it was originally named. Today, Indiana turns out large quantities of steel, iron, and oil along Lake Michigan's waterfront. As part of the Rust Belt, Corn Belt, and Grain Belt, the state is a leading producer in vehicles and related manufacturing and exports automobile parts, mobile homes, trucks, and busses, as well as boasting large corn industry. A large percentage of the limestone used in production in the United States comes from Indiana quarries. Indiana is a good location for the specialized small business owner due to its low cost of living and strong labor market.

Industry Stats

  • More people work in the motor vehicle industry than in department stores and grocery stores combined in Indiana.

  • 23,679 weddings spent an average of $391 on wedding albums in 2015.

  • A staggering 6.6% of the workforce is in the restaurant and food services industry - almost 190,000 people.

  • There are more registered nurses than janitors and more truck drivers than cashiers in this state.

  • Over $1.1 billion was spent on weddings in Indiana in 2015.

  • There is only one primary care physician for every 67 people in Indiana.

Indiana is a great choice for an up and coming small business owner due to its strong labor market and stable economy. In addition, its cost of living is around 15% lower than the national average and it has favorable tax policies for small businesses.

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