Georgia is in the heart of the South and the birthplace of notable figures such as James Brown, former President Jimmy Carter, Ray Charles, Martin Luther King Jr., and Alice Walker. It was one of the original 13 US colonies and one of the original seven states to form the confederacy. The capital Atlanta is home to Coca-Cola and the largest indoor aquarium in the world, Stone Mountain and a diverse musical heritage. Georgia is known as the “Peach State,” but it’s also the nation’s lead producer of pecans, paper and board, tufted textiles, and processed chicken. It produces twice as many peanuts as any other state, and half of the world’s resins and turpentine from its vast stands of pine trees. Georgia is a great place for a small business owner to start out due to its supportive communities and Southern hospitality.

Industry Stats

  • More people work in computer systems design than drive trucks in Georgia.

  • There are almost 80,000 insurance workers in this state.

  • Of the 56,904 weddings held in Georgia in 2015, 49,506 of them spent an average of $439 on flower arrangements. In comparison, the average spent on wedding albums was $412.

  • There’s one primary care physician for every patient in Georgia.

  • More people work in carpet and rug mills than cell phone services.

  • Georgia residents spent $170 million on engagement rings in 2015, but $225 million on wedding food service.

Georgia is a good choice for small businesses that desire healthy labor markets, supportive communities, and moderate taxes. The state opens up even more in opportunities closer to Atlanta, as the city holds over 5.5 million people and provides the surrounding areas an educated and diverse market.

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