Florida is a popular vacation site due to its warm weather and numerous beaches. The state is well known for the NASA Kennedy Space Center, Everglades National Park, and the city of St. Augustine, the oldest permanent city in the US. It is also home to Disney World, which is estimated to receive more than 50,000 visitors every day. Unsurprisingly, tourism is a staple in Florida’s economy, but manufacturing and agriculture also contribute substantially to its income. In addition to its famous oranges, the state boasts production of a variety of citrus fruits as well as potatoes, melons, strawberries, and other warm-climate agricultural products. Florida is a great place to go for tourism or travel related businesses as well as agricultural services due to its expanding markets.

Industry Stats

  • Despite tourism being a major driver of Florida’s economy, people who work in traveler accommodations make up less than 2% of its total workforce.

  • Couples spent an average of $230 on wedding favors in this state.

  • Around 210,000 people work at grocery stores in Florida.

  • More couples purchased a bridal bouquet than a ceremony officiator.

  • One of the highest paying industries in Florida is oil and gas extraction with an average salary of over $100,000 per year despite it being one of the smallest industries in Florida.

  • Only around 50,000 people work in farming despite Florida’s extensive agricultural output.

Florida is an excellent place to live if you value year-round warm weather and great local vacation spots. The state has an abundance of entertainment and recreational services, as well as a strong retail trade environment.

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