Connecticut was one of the 13 original colonies that became the United States. It earned the nickname “Arsenal of the Nation” during the Revolutionary War as it supplied guns and ammunition to the country. Its role as a major weapons producer continued during World War I as Connecticut was a major supplier for the modern US Army. Connecticut continues to be production focused: manufacturing is the biggest economic driver in the state. It produces a variety of goods including weapons, jet engines, helicopters, motors, and hardware. It is also the biggest producer of eggs, pears, and peaches in New England. Connecticut is a great location for the small business owner who wants to operate in New England but stay away from major cities and oversaturated markets.

Industry Stats

  • Connecticut has 34,938 registered nurses.

  • Connecticut only held 17,157 weddings in 2015, but those weddings accounted for more than $667 million spent.

  • Of those 17,157 weddings, only about a quarter of them hired a full-time planner.

  • The state only has 7,822 electrician for its 1.4 million households. That means every electrician has to service more than 178 houses.

  • The state has four times as many gaming service workers as building inspectors.

  • Connecticut has more actuaries than dentists and more aerospace engineers than plumbers.

Connecticut is a great location for the small business owner due to the state’s very high per capita personal income. People have more money to spend which more than offsets the high price of living. It is also close to New York City and Boston, which brings the benefits of operating in a major city while offering an escape from the urban environment.

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