Arkansas is the site of the only active diamond mine in the USA, the “Crater of Diamonds” and the birthplace of notable figures such as former President Bill Clinton, acclaimed author and poet Maya Angelou, and iconic singer Johnny Cash. The state became part of America as a portion of the land bought in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. It didn’t become its own state until more than 30 years later in 1836. Arkansas’s capital Little Rock is famous for the role the city’s namesake, the "little rock," had in guiding early settlers west through its nearby river crossing. The state’s economy is run largely on food production. It also exports various agricultural products, such as cotton, rice, and soybeans, as well as lumber and other wood products. Arkansas could be a good choice for small businesses that rely on proximity to food distribution centers.

Industry Stats

  • The state has more lawyers than gas station workers and more garden supply store workers than household appliance store workers.

  • Of the 30,530 weddings that happened in Arkansas in 2015, only 24,119 of them bought wedding dresses and only 21,676 of them hired an officiator.

  • 32,014 people work in the animal slaughtering business, which makes up 2.7% of Arkansas’s workforce.

  • There are more accountants in Arkansas than construction laborers.

  • 23,203 couples spent an average of $1,566 on their wedding photographer in 2015.

  • There is only one mental health doctor for every 193 people in Arkansas.

Arkansas is a great state to be in if you’re involved in the production or processing of food or livestock. It also has good prospects for those involved more generally in agriculture.

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